' Kritsnam Technologies is a company in the field of IoT with focus on water resource management solutions '
Incubated in SIDBI Innovation and Incubation Centre (SIIC) - IIT Kanpur
Recognized by DIPP as an Official Start-up for Make In India initiative

Low-Cost Sensing

Calibrating low-cost sensor modules while ensuring reliability after rigorous laboratory and field tests. Standardizing off-the-shelf environmental monitoring sensors to ascertain their accuracy, precision & reading to reading stability.


To provide last-mile connectivity to every farm and field, Kritsnam has developed its own stack of Low-Power Wide Area Network Technology.
10+ Kms range with 2+ years on AA batteries. No longer too much to ask.

Cloud Analytics

Real-time environmental data integrated with decision support systems for automation & timely alerts. Ready to accomodate a million simultaneous connections. Future ready in terms of scalability & security.

IoT for All

With state-of-the-art wireless connectivity solutions built from the ground up for developing nations, Kritsnam is ready to usher the BoP into an era of seamless interaction of Everyone with Everything.


Kritsnam’s vision is to empower developing nations with cost-effective and data-driven water resource management techniques. The company will strive to protect the natural water resources across the globe using state-of-the art experimental hydrology and low-cost real-time water quantity/quality monitoring infrastructure. To provide, implement and sustain these holistic solutions, the company will engage in multi-disciplinary collaboration with academia, governmental agencies and industries working in the field of water resources.

Water Resource Management

As surfacewaters are being polluted and ground waterlevels are being depleted with simultaneous floods and droughts in adjoining areas, it is high time for adopting the data-driven approach to water resource management across the globe.

Precision Irrigation

Indian agriculture dominated by marginal farmers is suffering a significant productivity loss due to irregularity in water supply. Using low-cost monitoring and automation infrastructure, we aim to empower these farming communities with precision irrigation.

M2M Communication

The network established for hydrological monitoring and smart irrigation in rural landscape can serve as a backbone for various nation-wide monitoring and automation tasks that require low-cost, real-time and reliable wireless communication infrastructure.

Current Projects

Kritsnam Technologies is developing infrastructure for lost-cost low-power real-time water quantity ( water levels, flow, soil moisture and rainfall intensity ) and water quality ( pH, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, trace metals and micro organisms ) measuring instruments that are capable of unattended monitoring for long durations.

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Our Team

Our team consists of engineers from various backgrounds, brought together by their concern of the water crisis currently affecting the bottom 30% of the pyramid, and in near future threatening the very habitability that makes our planet unique.

Mentors and Advisors

Dr. Shivam Tripathi
Associate Professor
Civil Engineering
IIT Kanpur
Sudhir Gupta
Strategic Advisory Board
Millenium Alliance

Core Team

K Sri Harsha
Hydrology Instrumentation
B.Tech - M.Tech
Civil Engineering
IIT Kanpur
Prudhvi Sagar
RF & PCB Design
B.Tech - M.Tech
Electrical Engineering
IIT Kanpur
Vinay Chataraju
Head Business Development
Civil Engineering
IIT Kanpur
Neeraj Kumar Rai
Product Developer
Sunil Nishad
Assistant Engineer
Rishabh Agarwal
Software Developer
Saurabh Sharma
Junior Engineer
Mukesh Kumar
CAD Designer
Surya Teja
System Administrator
Ankur Batham

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