IoT Systems

IoT For All

With state-of-the-art wireless connectivity solutions built from the ground up
for developing nations, Kritsnam is ready to usher the base of the pyramid
into an era of seamless interaction of
Everyone with Everything


Let's get practical


To provide last-mile connectivity to every farm and field, Kritsnam has developed its own stack of Low-Power Wide Area Network Technology.

20 Kms range. 20+ years on a button cell.
No longer too much to ask.


Ready to accomodate a million simultaneous connections. Future ready in terms of scalability and security.


For stand-alone systems in a growing market.

With all the security features, power optimization and plug and play connectivity to Kritsnam's cloud. Supports over-the-air firmaware upgrades.




Monitoring solutions

The first step to tackle the water and weather crisis is the efficient monitoring to generate data for analysis and further actions.

Based on its LPWAN Technology, Kritsnam has developed cost-effective hydro-geo-environemtnal instruments for paramteres like water level, temperature, soil moisture and humidity.

Dhaara Lite

The power-efficient one

Dhaara Lite is the flagship wireless sensor node by Kritsnam. With the ability to last 20+ years on a button cell for typical monitoring tasks, it has the ability to establish maintenance free cheap sensor networks.

With a range of over 1 Km, Dhaara Lite is set to tranform the Indian agricultural setup and smart metering domain.

Dhaara LR

The long range one

Dhaara LR, to be released by Q2 2017, promises to bring the benefits of wireless connectivity to the most-difficult to reach places with a 20 Km range.

All that at a minor penalty to power efficiency compared to Dhaara Lite.


The backbone of our wireless services

The wireless nodes developed by Kritsnam depend on its Gateway for backhauling the data to the cloud. Kritsnam has developed smartly managed gateways that can connect thousands of node over its proprietay extremely light-weight protocol.

The gateways are capable of operating over wide-range of backhaul networks: From intermittent unrealiable 2G connections at remote locations to broadband connections at areas with dense deployments


To empower the developing nations with affordable and reliable M2M communication infrastructure

Smart Agriculture

With farming practices based on real-time monitoring of the farm and its produce, farmers around the world are shifting to this scientific approach to productivity increase.

Smart Hydro

WIth simultaneous floods and droughts in adjoining areas, it is high time for the world to shift to data-driven approach to water resource management.

M2M Communication

There is so much more you can do! Smart cities, Smart energy, Transport fleet management, Home automation and anything else you can think of!

Our vision to provide end-to-end solutions


Our team consists of engineers from various backgrounds, brought together by their concern of the water crisis currently affecting the bottom 30% of the pyramid, and in near future threatening the very habitability that makes our plant unique

Harsha's mugshot

K Sri Harsha

Hydrology and Operations

B.Tech. - M.Tech., Civil Engineering, IIT Kanpur

Sagar's mugshot

Sagar Setu

Embedded Systems

B.Tech. - M.Tech., Aerosapce Engineering, IIT Kanpur

Vijendra's mugshot

Vijendra Kushwaha

Backend Systems

B.Tech. - M.Tech., Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Kanpur

Prudhvi's mugshot

Prudhvi Sagar

RF and PCB Design

B.Tech. - M.Tech., Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur.